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One of these days I will write about last weekend

… with pictures. But first I need to take a moment and come up with something to say. Until then, good people: thank you!


Pre-event panic – again

Event is in a week and I’m facing yet another spree of panic sewing. Why? Could somebody please finally explain why this happens over and over again? And again. And again. I will risk loosing my face and publish my to-do list. Put the final touches on a white woolen undercote: finish a few seam … > >


Hints for pants?

Housut putoaa, Romance of Alexander fol. 90v

Once upon a time there was – and still is – a young man who has a beautiful woolen pourpoint, but who refuses to wear hoses – the essential part of the masculine attire (in my opinion). So what can I make him? Just braies, but with long legs and made of a not-so-very-underweary fabric? … > >


Ladies dressed in men’s clothes?

Neljä miestä, Romance of Alexander fol 148r

Cross-dressing was quite simply forbidden, we are being told. There were some exceptions – e.g. a woman was allowed to dress in men’s clothes when travelling, if it was safer for her. And then there are fascinating stories like this, from England 1347-1348: In those days a rumour arose and great excitement amongst the people … > >


Filling up black holes

Laatikkokaupalla lankoja

A little while ago me and my friend Sahra came out of the closet and confessed each other there are things we just can not do, basic things you would imagine someone interested in handicrafts and middle ages would happily learn. I confessed I never really learnt to do tablet weaving or nalbinding, and Sahra … > >


Dear Santa, give me my Romance of Alexander

Romance of Alexander, fol 21v

And I mean the version illuminated by Flemish Jehan de Grise (you can see the link on the right). It doesn’t necessarily have to be the real thing, the original, the precious(sss) manuscript – the Bodleian library in Oxford might not approve – but how about an accurate, pretty facsimile? I would take very good … > >


One hood with winged musicians coming up


There is always something in the making! Some projects take forever, some a little less time. This hood might become my Rome – definitely not built in a day. I have a short-sleeved cote and a dagged hood made of thick burgundy wool. I’ve used them both quite a lot over these past few years, … > >

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Motto on trial

Voihkivat naiset, Romance of Alexander, fol. 191r

I was planning on opening a new closet in my chamber. I’d store there the things I’ve done but haven’t entered any AS competitions with and therefore don’t have a detailed documentation for. I already had in mind a garment I would start with. I knew I had blundered while making the particular garment. I … > >


How do you tie the silk in knots that will hold?


I love silk threads. I refuse to sew my clothes with anything else than silk, unless I really have to. When it comes to embroideries, I haven’t abandoned and will not abandon wool threads yet, but hey – there is something quite irresistible with the way silk shines. But there is a but. Embroideries and … > >


Archeological finds from reenacter’s closets

Katti P kauhistelee kaappien löytöjä.

Isn’t it appropriate to start the Real Blog by confessing some old sins? Old wardrobes needed to go, so they had to be emptied. It was a bit like attending archeological excavations – I had forgotten so many of the things I had buried there. I started reenactment when I had short hair so I … > >