Nykyajan haasteita / Modern problems

Utan kamariin pääsi majatalon pitäjän ovista kutsumattomia vieraita, joten täällä on nyt ollut vähän ongelmia: ensin menivät ovet lukkoon ja sitten katosi kaksikielisyyskikkula. Jatkossa nähdään, mitä muuta vahinkoa on tehty. Eipä tässä nyt muuta! Kuulumisiin! Uta’s chamber had uninvited guests because the innkeeper hadn’t properly locked his doors, so we’ve been having some problems: first … > >

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How white is white?

Puutarhajuhlat Filip Hyvän aikaan

Even though I have been quiet, I have done something! I had fallen in love with the idea of making a white open surcoat to be worn with my white woollen underdress. I cherished the idea of a roba, a complete set of 4 to 6 garments (at least an underdress, an overdress, a hood … > >


Digging deep

Ensimmäinen pisto aikoihin

Dear blog, it’s been 2 months since my last update. In the end of May, after just having come back from a happy trip to Double Wars, I was reminded how quickly and definitively things can change. It turned off any desire to write, but most of all, it made me think of the things … > >


Underwear – can this be true?

Sometimes you realize you have missed a very interesting find. And sometimes you find unexpected things from the wonderful world of internet. Like underwear for instance. I was searching for information and hints on binding the chest because I’ve been quite fed up with using modern bras under my medieval clothes. (I must confess I … > >


Efficient weekend

Felix ja pystykangaspuut

You can get a whole lot done during just one weekend! We – Eme, Sahra and I, as well as Knut from the children’s entertainment troup – gathered under the exquisite roof of casa de Sahra and Knut to plan, cut, fit and baste as much as we could. The actual sewing would happen afterwards. … > >


My friends got taste

Lahjakangas ja poseeraaja

Last weekend I was given a surprise gift: a piece of fabric that was meant to have been turned into a hood for me already 10 years ago. The fabric had ended up drifting from one friend’s closet to another – not because my friends couldn’t finish the project but because the reason to make … > >


Undoing and redoing

Siis purkamaan, purkamaan jälleen täällä aletaan

A rather a long while ago and with colder days in mind I started making me a buttoned down cote out of warm wool – easy to put on and take off, a bit like a coat. It was meant to be finished for the winter before last, but oops, it wasn’t. There are several … > >


Winged musician 3 / 12

Siipimusikantti kolmonen

Slowly, slowly the winged creatures take shape. The third musician is now coloured and ready, and the fourth one is on its way. So three done, only nine to go! Too bad the picture is all fuzzy. The musicians will be part of this hood.

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What if it wasn’t a blunder

Heraldinen syrkotti

Earlier I hinted towards a project that ended up in the back of my wardrobe after being worn a few times, because I made not one, but two blunders with it. The project was this one, a heraldic surcote, where the yellow side is for Drachenwald and the blue side for me. Idea for this … > >


Something has to be said

Rakkauden huppu

… even though I still don’t know what to say. I may write for a living, but still there are things I can’t really describe, not even after the event took place 2 weeks ago. But if I dont say anything about this, I can’t say much anything else either – hints on sewing button … > >

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