My friends got taste

Gift fabric and poser

Gift fabric and a young man who wanted to pose

Last weekend I was given a surprise gift: a piece of fabric that was meant to have been turned into a hood for me already 10 years ago. The fabric had ended up drifting from one friend’s closet to another – not because my friends couldn’t finish the project but because the reason to make the hood didn’t exist.

But look how pretty it is! Checked fabric! And the colours (which don’t really look as pretty in the picture as they are in real life)!

This fabric will not become a hood but maybe a sleeveless surcot, if there just is enough of it. The colours of the fabric match nicely with quite a few of my old cotes.

I don’t know, somehow I get the feeling my friends know me pretty well…

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4 Responses to My friends got taste

  1. Elina says:

    Awww ūüôā

    Ihanaa, että tykkäsit kankaasta, se on jotenkin niin SUN näköinen, aina ollut, ettei kukaan ole siitä oikein itselleen mitään voinut tehdä.

  2. Uta says:

    Tykk√§sin. Ja kovasti ehk√§ eniten tykk√§sintykk√§sin siit√§ ajatuksesta, joka kankaan takana oli. ūüôā

  3. Sahra says:

    Ihania ystäviä tuollaiset. Siis ne, joille hankitaan kankaita. Ja ne, jotka hankkivat kankaita muille.

  4. Uta says:

    Sä olet Sahra itse juuri tuollainen molemmanlainen ystävä, ettäs tiedät!

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