Digging deep

The first stitch in ages

The first stitch in ages

Dear blog, it’s been 2 months since my last update.

In the end of May, after just having come back from a happy trip to Double Wars, I was reminded how quickly and definitively things can change. It turned off any desire to write, but most of all, it made me think of the things that really matter in life.

I started questioning whether I, myself, do exactly what I want in life: if my days ended now, could I look back, be satisfied and know that I really have lived my life to the full. I may even have started to think of all the wild things I should now throw myself into, and all the dramatic changes I should do with my life – after all, they say that crises and shocks can be a kick in the butt and guide you towards healthy changes.

I’m still looking for answers, but I did notice one thing: I went back to handicrafts. For the first 3 weeks I hadn’t even touched them – a strange thing for someone who does them on a daily basis – but I finally grabbed an unfinished project and finished it. The first stitches were a bit shaky and I’m still waiting for the sewing frenzy to show up, but it looks like I wont be letting go of the crafts. Maybe, just maybe I have already found my true love as a child?

Rinsing freshly dyed silks

Rinsing freshly dyed silks

This hobby, medieval reenactment, gives the perfect excuse to do handicrafts, to study, to hoard materials and books, to spend one’s time in something the modern society might consider as wasting time. This hobby also provides you with people you can share your geekiness with, whose enthusiasm makes you enthusiastic, and who can help you and support you. This hobby allows you to safely challenge yourself and to jump into the unknown. A good example was this year’s Cudgel War: for a week I did everything else but my normal crafts (I think I made less than 10 stitches to my embroidery) and my fingers enjoyed the feeling of new materials and techniques, and my brain purred like a cat in front of everything new. I tried spindling and ended up buying my own spindle. I helped to dye yarns. I made a ring and a scissor sheath out of birch bark. I found out why the lace in Birgitta coif was too difficult. A perfect holiday, despite the rain. Next year I’ll probably add kitchen duties to my list of things to try out, and my fingers are itching to do wood work. And the list is basically endless! Maybe some year I dare even take part in the Band camp?

Now, 2 months after the fact, I’m again travelling, on my way to sort out some more official paperwork, and finishing up this post. I realize that maybe I have already discovered some Great Wisdom in all this: if you have found something important in life, something you love, something that gives you a lot – you have to do that something.

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  1. I can relate on so many levels! I also use recreation to delve into crafts that wouldn’t otherwise be appreciated or useful.

  2. Such a lovely post and something I needed to remind myself of right now. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

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