On teaching

In real life, I specifically chose my field of studies so I wouldn’t become a teacher. In the current Middle Ages, I have found myself enjoying holding classes and teaching. Funny how life goes.

I can’t remember when I first taught in the SCA, but it must have been something small and one-on-one with someone – not in front of a group of people. I was the minister of arts and science for our local group in 1993-1995 (I think those are the correct years…) and for our barony in 2003-2005, so I was mainly in charge of organizing opportunities for others to teach and learn. (In 1997-1999 I was the baroness and *slightly* busy elsewhere, but I started the baronial A&S events known as Aarnimetsä Academies.) That organizing of opportunities – that was actually pretty neat. MoAS is my favourite office!

One of the first classes I remember holding in front of a group of people was at a small fencing event in Mikkeli in 2000. They asked for someone to talk about medieval clothing, so I did. I tried to cover over 500 years of fashion in one hour – that must not have been a very detailed presentation. For comparison, few years after that, maybe in 2002, I talked about the 14th century fashion in our local groups craft circle, and that took 3 hours.

I have gathered my handouts for most of the classes I have given under Teaching (go figure…). Have a look if you like!

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