How do you tie the silk in knots that will hold?

Silk threads

Silk threads

I love silk threads. I refuse to sew my clothes with anything else than silk, unless I really have to. When it comes to embroideries, I haven’t abandoned and will not abandon wool threads yet, but hey – there is something quite irresistible with the way silk shines.

But there is a but.

Embroideries and stitches must survive me, my kids and washing. Over time silk knots will come undone and the ends of threads will wiggle their way out of where ever I have tried to weave them. The result: the embroidery or seam will start to come undone too.

Silk is also not as strong as they say. I need to redo all the buttons of a cote and hood ensemble because the slightly rough shanks of the metal buttons just ate their way through the silk threads (and through all the linen threads I tried to salvage the situation with, too). My son lost a button just yesterday when the silk thread broke. And this thread was of the thick, strong button-hole kind, and the shank of the button was not sharp.

I’m still looking for a solution. Nowadays I tie off the thread as shown on the video below and add a few extra knots on top. Then I weave the end of the thread this way and that way. The only downside is you don’t always have enough of thread to do all this. So what then – a drop of glue? Hate to admit it, but I have had to resort to that once too.

What IS the best way?

How to tie off thread, starting from 1:45

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9 Responses to How do you tie the silk in knots that will hold?

  1. Sanna - vasta haaveiluasteella says:

    Nykyaikainen äitini, joka on ollut vaateteollisuuden parissa töissä, kertoi aikoinaan, että metalli syövyttää lankoja poikki ja siksi metallinapit eivät kovin kauaa kestä paikoillaan.

    Löysin Hibernaatiopesäkkeen kautta tänne ja jatkan nyt blogiisi perehtymistä. 🙂

    • Uta says:

      Tervetuloa! 🙂

      Ehkä paras kikka kolmonen metallinappien käyttämiseen olisikin se, että tekee kankaaseen reiät, joihin upottaa nappien kannat, ja kantojen läpi kulkee nyöri. Neulakon Elina on tätä käyttänyt ainakin yhdessä mekossaan ( Metallinappeja on kuitenkin tullut hamstrattua sen verran monta tusinaa, että jotenkinhan ne pitää saada käytettyä!

  2. Sahra says:

    ja juuri tästä syystä ompelen metallinapit silleen… no, siellä Hibiksen puolella on se hieno filmituotanto aiheesta 🙂
    kaksi vuotta on birka-napit kestäneet jo…

  3. tanya says:

    I stopped using silks for construction as I found they rot with modern detergents, (I’ve never had problems with knots coming undone as I was always taught to handsew without using them, and start with three stitches instead) although they are lovely to sew with – I tend to use linen these days instead.

    have you thought of sanding the button shanks if they’re not finished so well? pewter is very soft and doesn’t take much working. all buttons can wear aat threads in time, but it sounds as though the ones you’re using might just need a bit of extra finishing

    • Uta says:

      Ha! So the detergents are partly to blame here! Evil toxins! And the shanks of the buttons of my cote and hood are indeed quite rough and unfinished. I may have to sand them all before I dare to attach them again. There’s only 40 of them… 🙂

      You said you always start with three stitches – please tell me more! Do you have a particular way to do that or a particular stitch you use? I wouldn’t mind finding an alternative method to all the tying (and cursing).

      By the way, I like your blog and the things you do. Can I add your link on my blog? 🙂

      • tanya says:

        of course you can add a link if you want to.

        All I do to start or finish is 3 ordinary stitches right on top of each other, just over and over, I don’t know how else to describe it

      • tanya says:

        I can never remember how to add links, but I will try and add one to my blog too

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