Motto on trial

Weeping women, Romance of Alexander, fol. 191r

Woe is me, what have I done!

I was planning on opening a new closet in my chamber. I’d store there the things I’ve done but haven’t entered any AS competitions with and therefore don’t have a detailed documentation for. I already had in mind a garment I would start with.

I knew I had blundered while making the particular garment. I only realized my mistake after having worn it, but accepted the fact that there are photos of me wearing it, and just fixed the problem. But yesterday, as I was collecting my sources I used in planning the garment, I stumbled into another mistake. A big one. Something that can not be easily fixed, since fixing would basically mean deconstructing the whole thing.

Yes, this bugs me. But it also makes me wonder how the brain works – or as in this case – doesn’t work. See, this blunder #2 has to do with something I particularly paid attention to and did research for. I was especially happy I was finally able to use an inspiring period source for this project.

Aaand what did I do? Just the opposite of what I was supposed to have done. And when did I realize my mistake? Much much much later!


I am also slightly worried I will end up being true to my motto once again: if it can be done, it can be undone…

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3 Responses to Motto on trial

  1. Sahra says:

    …et viitsisi vinkata mikä se hirvittävä erhe on?? Tässä uteliaisuus herää ihan väkisin 🙂

  2. Uta says:

    En taida olla valmis vielä julkisesti sitä tunnustamaan. 😉

  3. Sahra says:


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