There be languages

The blog is now bilingual, and somewhere out there is the switch that allows you to choose between Finnish and English. Good luck in finding it – so far I’ve only been shown the Finnish side of the story.


On teaching

In real life, I specifically chose my field of studies so I wouldn’t become a teacher. In the current Middle Ages, I have found myself enjoying holding classes and teaching. Funny how life goes. I can’t remember when I first taught in the SCA, but it must have been something small and one-on-one with someone … > >

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The first post, not the most important one

I have decided to write something here, under the Blog headline too, as I quietly go along furnishing the rest of my chamber. Partly to clear my head and store my thoughts somewhere, and partly to explain why and where I have what I have here, in Uta’s chamber – that is what “Utan kamari” … > >

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