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Winged musician 3 / 12

Siipimusikantti kolmonen

Slowly, slowly the winged creatures take shape. The third musician is now coloured and ready, and the fourth one is on its way. So three done, only nine to go! Too bad the picture is all fuzzy. The musicians will be part of this hood.

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Filling up black holes

Laatikkokaupalla lankoja

A little while ago me and my friend Sahra came out of the closet and confessed each other there are things we just can not do, basic things you would imagine someone interested in handicrafts and middle ages would happily learn. I confessed I never really learnt to do tablet weaving or nalbinding, and Sahra … > >


One hood with winged musicians coming up


There is always something in the making! Some projects take forever, some a little less time. This hood might become my Rome – definitely not built in a day. I have a short-sleeved cote and a dagged hood made of thick burgundy wool. I’ve used them both quite a lot over these past few years, … > >

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