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Efficient weekend

Felix ja pystykangaspuut

You can get a whole lot done during just one weekend! We – Eme, Sahra and I, as well as Knut from the children’s entertainment troup – gathered under the exquisite roof of casa de Sahra and Knut to plan, cut, fit and baste as much as we could. The actual sewing would happen afterwards. … > >


Hints for pants?

Housut putoaa, Romance of Alexander fol. 90v

Once upon a time there was – and still is – a young man who has a beautiful woolen pourpoint, but who refuses to wear hoses – the essential part of the masculine attire (in my opinion). So what can I make him? Just braies, but with long legs and made of a not-so-very-underweary fabric? … > >


Ladies dressed in men’s clothes?

Neljä miestä, Romance of Alexander fol 148r

Cross-dressing was quite simply forbidden, we are being told. There were some exceptions – e.g. a woman was allowed to dress in men’s clothes when travelling, if it was safer for her. And then there are fascinating stories like this, from England 1347-1348: In those days a rumour arose and great excitement amongst the people … > >