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How white is white?

Puutarhajuhlat Filip Hyvän aikaan

Even though I have been quiet, I have done something! I had fallen in love with the idea of making a white open surcoat to be worn with my white woollen underdress. I cherished the idea of a roba, a complete set of 4 to 6 garments (at least an underdress, an overdress, a hood … > >


Efficient weekend

Felix ja pystykangaspuut

You can get a whole lot done during just one weekend! We – Eme, Sahra and I, as well as Knut from the children’s entertainment troup – gathered under the exquisite roof of casa de Sahra and Knut to plan, cut, fit and baste as much as we could. The actual sewing would happen afterwards. … > >


Undoing and redoing

Siis purkamaan, purkamaan jälleen täällä aletaan

A rather a long while ago and with colder days in mind I started making me a buttoned down cote out of warm wool – easy to put on and take off, a bit like a coat. It was meant to be finished for the winter before last, but oops, it wasn’t. There are several … > >


What if it wasn’t a blunder

Heraldinen syrkotti

Earlier I hinted towards a project that ended up in the back of my wardrobe after being worn a few times, because I made not one, but two blunders with it. The project was this one, a heraldic surcote, where the yellow side is for Drachenwald and the blue side for me. Idea for this … > >


Pre-event panic – again

Event is in a week and I’m facing yet another spree of panic sewing. Why? Could somebody please finally explain why this happens over and over again? And again. And again. I will risk loosing my face and publish my to-do list. Put the final touches on a white woolen undercote: finish a few seam … > >


Hints for pants?

Housut putoaa, Romance of Alexander fol. 90v

Once upon a time there was – and still is – a young man who has a beautiful woolen pourpoint, but who refuses to wear hoses – the essential part of the masculine attire (in my opinion). So what can I make him? Just braies, but with long legs and made of a not-so-very-underweary fabric? … > >


How do you tie the silk in knots that will hold?


I love silk threads. I refuse to sew my clothes with anything else than silk, unless I really have to. When it comes to embroideries, I haven’t abandoned and will not abandon wool threads yet, but hey – there is something quite irresistible with the way silk shines. But there is a but. Embroideries and … > >